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Let me tell you about our deepest desire:

It's becoming increasingly common to see large brands (with questionable practices) paint their brands in green, wave flags, and talk about how important it is to defend our planet. Apparently, being ethical and conscious is very sexy nowadays.

However, being an ethical and conscious brand is not enough. To become the lovebrand of your audience, you need much more.


And that's our desire: to help strategically position ethical and conscious brands so they can meet market demands.


We want the audience to choose an ethical brand over one that isn't, so that one day we wake up in a world where it's not possible to operate without considering the consequences we cause on our planet and on people. We want brands that operate from love to always be the first choice.

Hi! 😁👋🏼 It's Valentina,

I'm the founder and creative director of The Ethical Brand Studio.

Empathic, positive, creative, curious, and dreamer. That's my vibe. 

Here it's my story:

From a very young age I learned to value different cultures, ways of thinking and seeing the world, thanks to having travelled and lived in different places, including Florida, Holland and Bolivia. But it was at 23, just before graduating from Marketing and Communication, that I began to see the world through different eyes. 👀

After a very painful breakup, I decided to take the path of self-awareness and self-discipline. I discovered meditation 🧘🏽‍♀️, I tried different ways of eating and many more different practices in search of truth and inner peace.


All of this did not fit in my head with the degree I was studying.  So, when I finished my studies, I decided to work in the hospitality industry until I had a better idea about what to do with my life.

Little by little, I was drawn back to marketing and communication.


There was always a friend asking for a logo, someone looking for help on social networks or a family member starting a business needing a brand strategy.

As long as I was helping small entrepreneurs, I thought, I was doing something positive, something good 🤓 . So I decided to become a freelance and offer my services as a social media manager. In less than a year I already had several regular clients and two people working for me, but I still had ethical conflicts due to the way the algorithms work and I decided to end the project.


From there I tried to work in different sectors: events 👰🏻, photography 📷, illustration 👩🏽‍🎨. I worked as an administrator and as a project manager, I looked for opportunities in the art sector, but I never stopped looking for my real purpose in life.


Until finally one day I was enlightened ✨. It was while chatting with my Reiki therapist that she told me about someone offering "conscious photography." When she said it I thought, what should really be conscious is everything that’s behind the pictures! 💥

So I set out to find out if there was any way to turn marketing, branding and comunication around. If strategies could be planned in a more conscious way. After much analysis and studies I can tell you that, although the most important thing is that the brand itself carries out sustainable and ethical practices, communication and marketing done with love ❤️ can also increase the positive impact of those who already seek to do good.

I firmly believe that the business world has to change to become more loving to people and the planet. Luckily, there are more and more brands willing to lead that change.

With the help of my team of designers, photographers and experts in social media growth, I offer you my services to expand your voice, so that your project and/or entrepreneurship can grow and continue generating that positive impact you are looking for, so that other brands are inspired and so that we are part of the change that this world deeply needs.

With love, 


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