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Tropical Philosophy 🌴

Beach, palm trees and sun are my natural habitat. The energy that is breathed in tropical areas is the same one that pushes me and fills me with love for everything I do.

The Ethical Brand Studio's philosophy (and really my own life philosophy) can be summarized as one where we fill ourselves with colour, with joy, where we freely express our own essence and where we flow in harmony with our surroundings.

With the following points, you will be able to better understand why I speak of tropical philosophy.

Image by Jordan Steranka


In a tropical environment you have all the resources you need at your disposal.


Likewise, The Ethical Brand Studio, finds for your project the best professionals and the most suitable elements for your communication needs. When required, I, Valentina, will step into the role of artistic and strategic direction. I will accompany you from the creation of your brand, to all the details you may need such as photo sessions, creation of web pages, visual merchandising, events, etc.

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