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We bring your essence to life and amplify the positive impact of your project or business.

If you are new around here, grab a free 30-min consultancy!

Transparency first. 

The Ethical Brand Studio is a studio that, from a legal standpoint, is made up of only one individual, me ✋, Valentina, the brand strategist. However, depending on the needs of each client and project, I rely on trusted collaborators with whom I have an established professional relationship. A team of photographers, web designers, social media growth experts, etc. This allows the services to perfectly adapt to the needs and budgets of each client, enabling me to always offer high-quality services.

Branding & Communication Services

We work with conscious entrepreneurs, artists, and NGOs.

In all our services, I take the time needed to understand your brand and what it represents to you, to then integrate it into the strategy and/or design, and create a coherent and authentic brand communication.

Brand Strategy

Become a LoveBrand.

An exciting process to discover the essence and personality of your brand and develop a strategy that effectively reflects it. We start with a detailed analysis of your market, competitors, and customers. This will lead us to define your unique and differentiated value proposition upon which to build a strategy, with clear steps for you to stand out from the crowd.

We go over all that's necessary to build a strong and authentic brand, full of values, that connects with your audience and is sustainable in the long run.

Visual and Verbal Identity Design 

Shine bright!


If your brand was a person, how would you describe it? Would it be fun, serious, elegant, exciting, reliable, daring? Or perhaps a combination of these traits? T


The truth is, the perception of your brand is crucial for its success, and this largely depends on how you present it to your audience. To create a consistent image that reflects the personality and values of your brand, we design key aspects of your visual and verbal identity. From the choice of colours and typography to the tone and voice you will use to communicate with your audience.

Social Media Communication strategy

Stress-free content creation, with purpose.


Newsletters, Blogs, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube... Do you want to be everywhere to stay close to your audience or potential clients, but you're not sure which platforms are worth it, what to say, and how to say it? With a guide, tailored to your needs, availability, audience, and goals, creating your content becomes much easier!

Website Design

Everything they need to know about your brand .com!

Whether you need a website or e-commerce platform from scratch or want to update your current website, we're here to help you achieve an online platform that is authentic, effective, and user-friendly for your customers.


The perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Art Direction

For everything else.

Consider this our creative hug for your brand. We offer you our creative help and support in every step of the way, to make your brand shine brighter with each marketing and communication action. From creating impactful advertisements for your customers to designing memorable events, dreamy physical stores, and captivating packaging. We're here to make everything possible and reflect the unique essence of your brand.

Toma aérea de la orilla del mar

Why bother working on brand strategy?

Maybe you would rather save yourself the work 💼, time ⏱, and money 💵 involved in developing a brand strategy. If that's the case, I understand, and no, I'm not here to tell you that success is out of reach if you don't do it.


In fact, many entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of this step and completely overlook it until they realize they can't keep growing without facing it.

You see, every brand that exists in the world, simply by interacting with its community, is perceived in a certain way by its audience. From the staff outfit to a text message or advertisement, every communication element conveys meaning and values, and every message has the potential to either connect 🤩 or disconnect 😱 the brand's audience.

That's why working on a brand strategy is equivalent to working on oneself 🧘🏻‍♀️ to be a good friend, a good travel companion, or a good confidant for the people you want to help with your project ❤️. It's about being aware of every communication element and interaction opportunity and intentionally working on them to ensure that the connection you seek to generate is strong and long-lasting 💍.


An effective brand strategy not only helps you  differentiate from the competition but also fosters customer loyalty, increases the perceived value of the brand, and ensures consistency in company communication.

So, I am asking you, do you need to work on your brand strategy? 😀

Image by Miranda Richey
“We decided to get Valentina’s help for our new corporate image. Although it was quite complex, she knew how to guide us with solidity and great professionalism throughout the process. We are absolutely satisfied with the result.”

Graciela, Kaymanta

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